About Us

Chuti Resort, Gazipur

Chuti Resort, eighteen kilometers from Dhaka Airport which is easily accessible by road and it takes only one hour and thirty minutes to reach, lies in a rural environment of Sukundi village of Gazipur on 54 bigha of land which is near to the heritage site Bhawal Rajbari and Bhawal National Park. Breathtaking views of surrounding lake water and wildlife in amazing natural beauty of land covered with dense green blanket of flora makes anyone feel like enjoying the country’s natural heritage.

In this peaceful and tranquil environment, you can have the glimpse of wildlife, firefly processions at night and according to the rules of the resort, during moonlight no light is lit in outside. It is one of the best holiday destination to enjoy the full moon and rain in the rainy season; also to breathe in the fresh air.

Eco-Friendly Boutique Resort


Chuti lodges facility that takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint while giving back to its local community. Some of the best ways that we practice to make our resort more eco -friendly and sustainable like maintain energy saving, limit water waste, have guests reuse linens, equip staff with eco-friendly cleaning staff, serve local and organic food, consider composting etc.

Boutique Resort

This 50 room’s unique boutique resort with a relaxing and quiet lawn of Chuti have relaxing atmosphere that would absolutely amaze the guests with its vibrant landscaping and modern amenities. From the very moment of arrival guest will feel embraced with nature.

A Place to Relax and Enjoy Nature


Pleasant for couples and families


Corporate meeting & workshop


Cottages and suites to accommodate


Modern restaurant serving delicious foods

Pinnacle of Comfort


  • All Room
  • Cottage
  • Suites
  • Villa